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The ULTRASCAN software by Borries Demeler is a comprehensive package for analysis and documentation of AUC-experiments. It is located at on the website of the Center for Analytical Ultracentrifugation of Macromolecular Assemblies (CAUMA) at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. The website offers general information and useful hints on various AUC methods. ULTRASCAN also maintains an own website:



The RASMB website (Reversible Associations in Structural and Molecular Biology), a department of the Boston Biomedical Research Institute, offers comprehensive information and a collection of links on Analytical Ultracentrifugation. It hosts a mailing list for the AUC user community and an archive of varioius AUC evaluation programs and tools.



Peter Schuck’s AUC evaluation programs Sedfit and Sedphat are available here. The website also contains documentation, tutorials, and background information.



The National Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility at Conneticut Universtity offers annual workshops on AUC data analysis. Several evaluation programs can be downloaded here.



Stephen Harding's National Centre for Molecular Hydrodynamics is specialized in AUC characterization of sugars and other biomolecules. Various programs for hydrodynamic modelling are available in this website.


John Philo

On John Philo’s homepage, the program Sednterp is available for download, a widespread tool for calculating buffer densities and viscosities and protein partial specific volumes. John Philo has also placed a whole number of programs into the public domain that can be downloaded here, including documentation and instructions.


Walter Stafford

Walter Stafford’s program SEDANAL for AUC data evaluation by the time derivative method can be downloaded here. The site provides general information on the method and instructions for use.



Comprehensive hydrodynamic calculations can be performed with HYDRO and connected programs. They are available on Jose Garcia de la Torres website.



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